Few woods are so dramatic as Bloodwood, and very uniform in deep red color.   Wonderfully smooth, straight, dense and evenly fine textured.  The prized wood is used in making furniture, musical instruments, inlays, speciality items, turned objects and veneer.  It’s known by the name Satine, belongs to the mulberry family found in South America.

Duho Studios obtains their materials only from Certified FSC Suppliers, legally farmed, harvested, and sustainable sources that protect our planet’s forests. The hardwoods offered are all man grown, harvested, managed, and replanted at tree farms/plantations.

Duho Studios is also a donating member of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and a percentage of their sales go directly to the replanting of trees.

NONE of these products are taken from the rain forests, or any other endangered environments.