Bamboo Dark (Amber) Panel



Bamboo — Sourced from Asia, bamboo belongs to a family of woody evergreen grass plants that have a dense, fibrous, finely grained texture. Bamboo is a very hard, durable wood, yet very lightweight. Its neutral, richly toned strips are interspersed with slightly darker nodes, giving it a look uniquely its own.  The longer the bamboo is left in the drying kilns the deeper the color.

Duho Studios obtains their materials only from Certified FSC Suppliers, legally farmed, harvested, and sustainable sources that protect our planet’s forests. The hardwoods offered are all man grown, harvested, managed, and replanted at tree farms/plantations.

Duho Studios is also a donating member of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and a percentage of their sales go directly to the replanting of trees.

NONE of these products are taken from the rain forests, or any other endangered environments.