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The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena approached us in 2000 to make panels for their students.  We started with maple panels and expanded into other fine hardwoods such as walnut, rosewood, zebrawood and bamboo to name a few.  Then came metal panels--aluminum, brass, copper and more.  Duho panels were an innovation--we were the first to introduce fine hardwood and bamboo panels, as well as the non-ferrous metal panels.  Because we are a small but skilled shop, run by artists FOR artists, we have unlimited possibilities--hybrid woods, custom sizes and depths, even hybrid metal panels.  The Duho Panel is the first panel on the market with seamless edges.  No need for framing, the beauty of the wood speaks for itself.


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Barbara and Brian at Duho Studios have been making my wood panel for several years now. Not only is their skill and quality superb, they go through extra lengths to personally find the specific types of wood I like to work with. They have been tremendously helpful, generous, and accommodating. All my experiences with them have been nothing but positive!
When I first moved to LA from the Pacific Northwest, I was in need of an incredible wood shop and team of people I could trust with the production of frames for my large photographs. My attention to detail is priority and when I found DuHo Studios in Alhambra, I had to make the drive to meet with them. From the first frame they produced for me, I was sold! Their level of craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. I was blown away at their attention to detail and together, we have been able to create magnificent pieces of fine art. Not only is their work top notch, but Barbara and Brian are two of the most down-to-earth, genuine people I have ever met. They are sincere, they communicate and they always follow through.
Vicki Barrett Pau Hana Studios
The custom made boxes I order from Duho Studios out of California. They are the finest quality I have ever seen in 7 years. They are a family owned and run business and each box is ordered for a special piece of Art I sell. I often talk personally to one of the owners and receive so much extra from the gracious friendly voice on the other end, it brightens my day. Duho couldn’t be any better in their management, product, construction, and shipping, simply said, I just love them !! I finish each box with poly for UV protection and always invite each customer to actually feel the beautiful wood. My own personal experience is that you WILL NEVER get this quality from China or Taiwan on this level. I am so thankful I found you as my business was taking off.
Chris Richter Chris Richter Art
Duho Studios was recommended to me by a fellow artist. Upon seeing for myself the high quality of their panels (which is essential for me) I was also pleased that they were competitively priced. After several orders, including panels requiring a specific wood type and very unusual sizes, I have found them to be a very reliable and timely resource. I am lucky to now be within driving distance to their studio and can attest their wood shop studio is unbelievably clean and organized. A testament to their product. Barbara and Brian are warm and welcoming and very easy to work with. I have and will continue to enthusiastically recommend Duho Studios to other artists and professionals that might benefit from their expertise.
Giuliana Aubert Giuliana Aubert Studio
As a fine artist I am always seeking a supplier that not only gives me the best quality substrate to work on but excellent customer service. This family owned business has far succeeded my expectations on every level. Barbara and Brian are always willing to be creative along with me in offering custom sizes and prepping for all my painting needs. The most impressive and essential quality I have found in this supplier is their refusal to mass produce and skimp on quality in the process. Their exotic woods and aluminum panels are unquestionably the best!


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